William Uricchio 

Professor of comparative media studies MIT

“Informed, provocative, and someone who lives outside the box, Robert Overweg understands the impact of technology like few others…”

Simone van Neerven

Head of innovation Vueling

My daily job is to drive innovation in corporates, and to me that is all about bringing new perspectives. Robert is a master in just doing that. He uses inspiring, fun examples that are touching and tickling at the same time. He has found an unique way to connect his artistic background to this techy world we are living in. The only way to survive in this fast paced world, is to be able to adapt constantly. Robert's program is a great way to get surprised and inspired! 

Mike Out

Head of innovation Guidion

Despite all progress there’s still little wisdom in business. We pay little attention to the world of the arts, philosophy, science or design. The Adaptable mindset program addresses this gap and disconnect in a playful, inspiring and activating way. It will broaden your perspective, change your mind and behavior.

An ode to free thinkers

“The program gave me the capability of going beyond research and constantly raise new questions and new possibilities”

I have a newfound appreciation for art, games, movies etc. Especially in times like these where it can be hard to find new stimuli and it sometimes feels like being stuck in the same loop it is important to make a conscious effort and seek out new experiences.

I have always considered myself a very creative and artistic person, but I usually tend to keep that side to myself separate from the more technology-oriented part of my life. These sides of me operated in parallel, but this program has inspired me to think how they can work together to improve one another, rather than just existing in tandem.

“It’s interesting to see how we can think beyond limitations”


Our way of thinking and looking at possibilities can bring so much options to life. This program has changed my way of thinking. First I thought in problems and got frustrated. Stress increased and I panicked. Through this program I got inspired to no longer think in problems but in possibilities. Flexibility gives more movement in the mindset and this gives more inspiration to continue on.

The program also encouraged me to be more positive and see opportunities instead of problems. This is important because people and media often focus on negativity.

At last the program encouraged me to think more out of the box and to be more open to different opinions. It made me more curious of other people’s opinions and their thoughts process.

The program already freed my mind in the way that I allow myself to think differently. Often during daily life we do not get the freedom or possibility to do so. 

I felt like I needed regular distractions to get away from uncomfortable thoughts. Either an intellectual project or some entertaining content. I now plan to embrace my uncomfortable thoughts and not be as afraid to be left alone with them. So I will not bury myself in a book or instagram when I am taking the train. I will observe, analyze, think, and seek inspiration.

“Two years ago I read a book that really opened my mind: Telling about society” by Howard S Becker. It inspired me on different ways to interpret society. For a “conservative” sociologist like me it was an amazing discovery. We can interpret the dynamics of our social environment with different tools beyond the formal academic instruction. The course reinforces this idea on me: it is possible to collect a lot of insights from different disruptive sources to interpret reality and create new solutions, not only from the linear and rational education.

Like, art, philosophy, gaming, technology and philosophy. I appreciated how this section was not making in any way a distinction between what might be considered “high” and “low” sources of inspiration.”

These lessons have such a great potential to completely level up your relationship with work, your social life and even your mental health. Moreover, this methodoloy when applied to the right circumstances could transform the way we approach relationship with creativity

First of all, thank you for that course!

The priceless connection between our body and mind, surprising ideas and new ways of problem-solving, knowledge that all around enabled me to boost my adaptable mindset.

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