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Personal journey

Get started today with your very own Adaptable Mindset.

What you'll get:

  • You will learn how you can use your own imagination as a driving force for change.

  • Solve information overload, create clarity of mind and space to think.

  • Take control and learn how you can empower yourself and others in this online program.

Segments are condensed and focused (10-15 min each) so that you can easily fit them within your schedule.

7 actionable and mind opening segments
6 Exercises to create a clear mind and to develop cognitive flexibility.
12+ actionable study pieces
1 Happy life


What People Are Saying:

At the beginning of the course, I was a bit skeptical, I remember starting by saying: "I'll do it, maybe it can help ... but fast and painless as a band-aid huh!" The further I went, the more the interest grew, I did all the exercises with pleasure and I wanted to deepen all the contents. The arguments in the program opened my mind and made me understand many things about myself and my attitude. Honestly, I would say that combined with the first part where I could get in touch with my own interests, I now have the right push to work on my new mindset. Thank you very much


It's been a pleasant journey through which I learned new things about the world and myself. More than a course, I would call it a practice. An invitation to stay open and curious. It has positively impacted my daily life as it helped me to become more conscious about how my life is connected to the things that surround us.


These lessons have such a great potential to completely level up your relationship with work, your social life and even your mental health. Moreover, this methodology when applied to the right circumstances could transform the way we approach relationship with creativity


The program already freed my mind in the way that I allow myself to think differently. Often during daily life we do not get the freedom or possibility to do so.


I started this course at a time when I'm being overwhelmed with many stimuli in my world. Finding out about all the science and philosophy related to creativity, critical thinking and mindfulness has helped me handle this better.


Head of innovation Vueling. "The only way to survive in this fast paced world, is to be able to adapt constantly. Robert's program is a great way to get surprised and inspired!

Simone van Neerven

Professor of comparative media studies MIT “Informed, provocative, and someone who lives outside the box, Robert Overweg understands the impact of technology like few others…”

William Uricchio