Gaming and Esports

Games can let us experience new and different worlds —expand our notion of what is possible. When games are played for competition we speak of esports. 

Esports are on the rise, with a 50% increase in viewership during the Covid-19 pandemic. Esports are Adaptable by nature. They constantly evolve and its makers are fluid in their thinking. They create new innovative business models, and are always iterating to find better product market fit. While facilitating creativity for the end-user. 

Let’s see at what parts esports beats regular sports.

Games discussed

How esports beats sports Part 1

In this segment: how Fortnite is creating a world of its own, where you can hang out with your friends, play games, bump into Drake, or watch a larger than life Travis Scott concert with 11 million other people. It’s the sports bar and the sport all in one.

Why Netflix, A16z, and Lego Ventures pay close attention to Fortnite. Plus how streamers are production power houses. Which helps extend the reach of many of these games.

How esports beats sports Part 2

In this segment: League of legendsDota 2, and Counter-Strike: global offensive.

The impact of Covid 19 on streaming. 

What business model innovation generates massive amounts of engagement.

What open mindedness has to do with the #1 game on Twitch.

And answering the question why regular sport games like Formula 1FifaNBKA2K2MLB, play no role in the most watched or most played charts. 

And how creativity will be the driver for more growth. 

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If you want to find out more about how gaming can help you find new possibilities and what future markets could emerge. You can always watch the following segment. 

Testimonals from industry leaders

“Informed, provocative, and someone who lives outside the box, Robert Overweg understands the impact of technology like few others….”
William Uricchio
Professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT and Comparative Media History at Utrecht University
My daily job is to drive innovation in corporates, and to me that is all about bringing new perspectives. Robert is a master in just doing that. He uses inspiring, fun examples that are touching and tickling at the same time. He has found an unique way to connect his artistic background to this techy world we are living in. The only way to survive in this fast paced world, is to be able to adapt constantly. Robert's program about the adaptable mindset is a great way to get surprised and inspired!

Simone van Neerven
Head of Innovation Vueling
Despite all progress there’s still little wisdom in business. We pay little attention to the world of the arts, philosophy, games, science or design. The Adaptable mindset addresses this gap and disconnect in a playful, inspiring and activating way. It will broaden your perspective, change your mind and behavior.
Mike Out
Head of Product and innovation Guidion

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