A co-created festival by your
people for your people

Boost change and
through a playful

Energy Management & Self-Reliance Tools
Bleeding edge technology and
ways of working
Develop forward-looking, inventive, visionary thinking
Build a festival with your employees
What your people
get out of it
“It felt like oxygen
for the mind”
“I loved it. I think it is SO
great that we do this as a company. You need to get
out of your bubble every now and then, get inspired
again, feel motivated again.”
What your
organization gets
Improved Employee
  • Cross-team collaboration,
    networking, relationships
  • Boost employee engagement and
    productivity (engagement KPIs)
  • Reduce churn
Spin Off initiatives
  • Examples of initiatives kicked off
    with our clients:
  • NFT web 3 group
  • Eco-system innovation:
    collaboration with Universities
  • Kids board for validation of
  • Innovation “inbox”
Insights & Recommendations
  • Insights into what truly drives
    people and what challenges them
  • Report out and recommendation on
    how to integrate tools into habits
    and culture on individual team and
    organizational level
  • Report out and recommendation
    on how to embed bleeding edge
    tech and processes for global
    organizations with governance,
    testing frameworks, and more

How we build a festival
with your employees

How we build a festival with your employees

Assess the needs from the
people and organization. Mental
+ strategic goals
Define themes. e.g. Inspiration,
Mental space, Energy, Self-
reliance, New ways of working
Collaboratively build preliminary
program. Select speakers. Activate
talent within the company.
Empower employees to host their
own sessions
Let the audience vote on
preliminary program
Finalize program. Supply methods
to make workshops interactive
Host festival:
boost change, boost inspiration,
boost energy

Make use of our existing programming

Energy management & self-reliance tools: Meditation, breath work,
journaling practices and guided walks, walking, running, yoga, kick boxing. Discover your formula for success. Develop transferable skills like cognitive flexibility, a better ability to deal with ambiguity and create space through movement, Learn how to Create time and space for busy product teams,
Drawing workshop to disconnect from the rules, Access your highest self
through the power of visuals and sound, science based.
Bleeding edge tech: Playfully explore new developments and ways of
working, GPT3, A.I., Avatars, Future of health tech, future of food, make use
of our strategic partners.
Develop forward-looking, inventive, visionary thinking: Say goodbye to
fixed thinking patterns, mind expansion sessions, fringes explorations.
We support your employees to
develop their own workshops