The Adaptable Mindset program

Spark your creativity

Develop a possibilities mindset

Create a calm mind

Become more resilient

This online program will empower you to find your own way in this increasingly complex world. Where new  technologies and new realities arise every few months weeks. In order to adapt to this ever-changing world, you need to develop your own mindset and tools to help yourself and others.

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Follow your own path. Choose how you want to learn and what you want to learn from.

Chapter 1

Expand the mind

In the first chapter we start by expanding the mind with notions of what is possible. By exposing the mind to all sorts of inspiration to try and find out what makes you tick and to show you new possibilities. This will surely generate ideas and create energy.

byung chul han

Find inspiration from Movies, Games, Philosophy, Art and artists, Scientific research, Comics and cartoons & Technology.

Examples of the content

Chapter 2:

Free the mind

escher multiple perspectives

Develop new thinking models that enable you to better analyse complex problems and find solutions.

Learn to think from multiple perspectives, extract fact from fiction, through critical thinking. Investigate tools for subconscious wandering, train your mind in being ok with uncertainty. Re-frame your thinking towards a mindset of possibilities.

Based on theories from world renowned psychologists and agents of transformation.

Chapter 3:

Calm the mind


Find focus within the noise. Combining the latest research in neuroscience with ancient wisdom. Train your cognitive flexibility and emotional resilience. Take an objective distance from your own thoughts, find room for a clear mind to better cope with todays uncertainties.

Testimonals from industry leaders

“Informed, provocative, and someone who lives outside the box, Robert Overweg understands the impact of technology like few others….”
William Uricchio
Professor of Comparative Media Studies at MIT and Comparative Media History at Utrecht University
My daily job is to drive innovation in corporates, and to me that is all about bringing new perspectives. Robert is a master in just doing that. He uses inspiring, fun examples that are touching and tickling at the same time. He has found an unique way to connect his artistic background to this techy world we are living in. The only way to survive in this fast paced world, is to be able to adapt constantly. Robert's program about the adaptable mindset is a great way to get surprised and inspired!

Simone van Neerven
Head of Innovation Vueling
Despite all progress there’s still little wisdom in business. We pay little attention to the world of the arts, philosophy, science or design. The Adaptable mindset addresses this gap and disconnect in a playful, inspiring and activating way. It will broaden your perspective, change your mind and behavior.
Mike Out
Head of Product and innovation Guidion

3,5 hours of inspiring online video content
12 exercises
3 daily habits

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As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.