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What will you learn?

You will learn how you can train your own imagination and use it as a driving force for change.

Solve information overload, create clarity of mind and space to think.
Take control and learn how you can empower yourself and others in this online program.

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Expand your mind

Get inspired and train your imagination. Let art, nature, philosophy, games, and movies inspire you and help you develop mental dexterity and openness to new ideas. 

Who said learning can't also be fun?

Let’s find out what inspires you and learn how to use that inspiration as a driving force for change.


Do more of what inspires you

Learn how the greatest inventors extract knowledge from the things that inspire them and how you can do so as well.

It's a proven method that works, over 500 +  people enjoyed the program before you. Read some testimonials here

Filter the noise

For you to perform, it's good to have ways to deal with the constant flow of information. When it comes to news, communication at work, push messages, social media. —It can feel overwhelming.

Create clarity of mind and space to think through practical tools and methods.


Reframe failure into learning

Many people and teams have a fear of failure. This often holds back people from doing what they love and has teams repeat the same issue over and over. 

Change how you view failure. Take a different perspective. Learn how to make your failures smaller, so they are less of an issue and many more practical methods.

Mitigate stress

It's difficult to be creative and adaptive when you are stressed out, let's fix that.

Since your state of mind influences your behaviour. You should know about methods to modulate your state of mind, mitigate stress, and change your relationship with stress. 

Put your ideas into reality, fast.

Move from talking and guesswork to action. Learn about ways to quickly test and build new ideas through new digital means. Tried and tested within startups and corporate environments.

A proven method that helps you validate ideas within 3 weeks.

By the end of this program you will know how to train your imagination. How to find different perspectives and solutions. You'll know how to integrate what inspires you in life. How to better adapt to changing circumstances. 

Get the tools to mitigate stress, filter the noise and adapt to any challenge that comes your way. 

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Take control of your life and learn how you can empower yourself and others in this online program.

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Testimonials by industry leaders

William Uricchio 

Professor of comparative media studies MIT

“Informed, provocative, and someone who lives outside the box, Robert Overweg understands the impact of technology like few others…”

Simone van Neerven

Head of innovation Vueling.

My daily job is to drive innovation in corporates, and to me that is all about bringing new perspectives. Robert is a master in just doing that. He uses inspiring, fun examples that are touching and tickling at the same time. He has found an unique way to connect his artistic background to this techy world we are living in. The only way to survive in this fast paced world, is to be able to adapt constantly. Robert's program is a great way to get surprised and inspired! 

Mike Out

Head of innovation Guidion.

Despite all progress there’s still little wisdom in business. We pay little attention to the world of the arts, philosophy, science or design. The Adaptable mindset program addresses this gap and disconnect in a playful, inspiring and activating way. It will broaden your perspective, change your mind and behavior.

Testimonials by course students


“I started this course at a time when I'm being overwhelmed with many stimuli in my world. Finding out about all the science and philosophy related to creativity, critical thinking and mindfulness has helped me handle this better. ”


These lessons have such a great potential to completely level up your relationship with work, your social life and even your mental health. Moreover, this methodology when applied to the right circumstances could transform the way we approach relationship with creativity


It's been a pleasant journey through which I learned new things about the world and myself. More than a course, I would call it a practice. An invitation to stay open and curious. It has positively impacted my daily life as it helped me to become more conscious about how my life is connected to the things that surround us.

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About your tour guide


Robert Overweg is the founder of the Adaptable Mindset program and has a diverse background in Art, Design, and Tech.

Robert started the Adaptable Mindset program because he was fed up with the large skills gap between what skills are necessary in life and what skills people are actually taught.

Resulting in people being stuck in situations they don't want to be and people not reaching their full potential. 

Robert was previously able to help transform large companies like Ebay, Vodafone, Liberty Global, Heineken and helped build a variety of successful startups.

He also had an interesting art career, as he started taking photographs in computer games, which most people thought was silly, some still do. The photographs ended up in the Centre Pompidou, and many other places around the world.

Robert is a sought out international speaker and has spoken at: MIT, SXSW, and the European Commission. Where he often talks about how to positively use technology for the betterment of people and the world.

He teaches at innovative schools that re-invent education like: Codam, Techgrounds and Synthesis.

That's Roberts goal, to empower people and give them the ability to adapt to any challenge that comes their way and make use of all the skills and tools available to do so. 

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