Create openness to
new ideas, quickly
and effortlessly
An icon which represents the workshop and shows openness to new ideas
Create openness to
new ideas, quickly
and effortlessly
This workshop for teams, leadership and entire organizations is made to cultivate engagement and openness to new ideas. We find what drives people, what energizes them and what environment they need to flourish as this is the foundation for change.
⚡️⚡️Instantly boost openness and get actionable insights in 90 minutes
For teams
For teams
  • Get actionable insights in 90 minutes
  • Instantly boost openness and
  • Trigger the brain to find new routes and possibilities
  • Insights into what drives people and
    what challenges them
5 minutes
  • Easy to apply daily engagement
    and mind expansion personalised
    for each individual in the team.
  • Make engagement and openness
    stick with our methods to
    integrate in your daily business
For product teams, for innovation,
growth, development
For leadership
For leadership
  • Learn how to make change happen over the axis of intrinsic motivation and drive
  • How to cultivate an environment where even non curious people become open to new ideas
  • How we can work on expansion of the mind and continuously adapt and open up
  • How to get the prerequisites in place for change and openness. (Space, wellbeing, imagination, ability to execute)
  • Learn from our leading change network of heads of innovation, heads of product, and C level who have solved your challenges before. From job setup, to team, to HR, L&D, and Org-setup.
For executives, heads of product,
senior leadership
Customized to your needs
For teams,