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At Adaptable Mindset, we find it important to develop technological awareness. To be aware of the things that are happening in technology.

How will new technological developments affect your job and what can you use to supercharge your own skills? 

There are a few massive changes happening already of which you need to be aware. No mumbo jumbo or future visions, just practical things that you can apply today. 

A.I. writing assistants are here


You can already work with copy assistants like Jarvis, which make use of an A.I. that can recognize the intent of a sentence you put in and can expand on your input, in the desired tone you want. It’s impossible to distinguish from human writing.

We use it as a writing assistant to bounce ideas back and forth. Just drop in a few lines of text and let the algorithm come up with a few variations. Or create crispy sales copy, have it write cold e-mails, or whatever you can come up with.






App development will change


With no-code tools like Bubble, Adalo, and Figma, you can quickly develop (web) apps for which you no longer need an entire development team. It’s even possible to build applications on your own without coding knowledge.

Most of these tools work with so-called what you see is what you get editors. Just drag and drop the items you want on the screen. 

It's still early days but the market is changing already.



Validate new ideas and business models for 10% of the time and for a fraction of the cost. 


The world of programming will change


Writing code can already be augmented by A.I. where you just tell the A.I. what you want and it will write the code for you.

It becomes even more interesting when you can just talk to your Microsoft word editor. It then communicates to an A.I. that can automate a lot of tedious manual labor for you. Please see the video below for some examples of what is already possible. 



Video editing will change

With descript, you can edit your videos just like you edit the text in word. It speeds up production, can automatically take out all the uhhs and uhms. It can even re-create your voice, just type in the word that you would’ve liked to say and it can dub it automatically. 



Tedious tasks can be automated


Through robotic process automation, it’s possible to automate process oriented tasks. It’s basically possible to connect almost any app to another app. You can do things like upload a file to multiple places, scan a file, and recognize what’s inside to automatically send it to the next required location. All things you don’t necessarily want to spend your time on.

As a solopreneur, it can be really useful to free up your time, as a corporate this can be the oil that speeds up your internal machine. 

Be on the lookout for Power automate, Zapier, and Ui Path. 


The current state of technology makes insane productions possible for individuals or small teams


Here are two interesting examples of solopreneurs and small teams taking big creative and technological leaps. 

Code Miko is a solopreneur. She modeled everything you see in Maya, textures are made in substance, environments rendered in Unreal Engine, she wears an Xsens MVM suit for motion tracking and uses an App called live link face for facial tracking. 



Also meet Lucy, an Emmy award winning director and a virtual being. She can answer questions and write scripts through the software mentioned in the first paragraph of this article. 




Watch her perform in an interview she did on Zoom at Sundance film festival. What is being used in this project? Speech to text translation, real-time animation, web stack to speak through Zoom, and GPT3 (A.I.), and of course loads of creativity and mental flexibility. 


Be aware and take action


A lot of technology is already available of which you need to be aware.  Things that can disrupt your job or empower you. Develop technological awareness and openness to new ideas and to new tech. As you might not know what it will bring you.

At the same time, we advise everyone to develop the skills that can't be easily replaced by tech, like creativity, imagination, really connecting with people, really listening, and solving complex problems. 

How to use the technology? First, start with what you want to do, what do you find important, and find technology that can support you in your goal. 



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