No time, no innovation

brain space

A forty-hour working week in which only work is done is a remnant from the time of Henry Ford. For true creativity and innovation, you need to take care of your inspiration, create mental space and make that part of your work. I see in many companies that people spend most of their time in meetings, that stress is at high tide, and that because of the hustle and bustle there is little time for exploration and to think for themselves. While the world is developing rapidly and so we should make time for progress. To be able to respond to opportunities, create space to think, and experiment with possible applications. But we are too busy, there is no time.

If you create more time and space, you don't have to start a drastic change process every four to six years, because then change has a greater chance of becoming part of the business. 

Modern players show that this is really possible. For example, Gumroad has no meetings and reduces Netflix consultation by documenting its internal decisions online and in a fully transparent manner. At Amazon, cross-functional teams do not communicate via update meetings but via an API. They found out that it was not a question of how the meetings could be improved, but whether they were needed at all. Or even differently, such as Apple, which allows employees to create mental space through their own university for art education.

All this starts with questions about how you want to work with each other. And how everyone comes into their own strength. Being able to see and be open to change and opportunities requires a suitable environment. Where there is room to think about what is really important, to explore, and to learn.

After a period of change in which the impossibility of working from home suddenly turned out to be a necessity, it is an excellent time to see what else we can change. Instead of looking at what our work needs from us, we should look at what we need from our work.

Because as people grow, the company grows. And without time and space for people, there is no innovation.


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