Why itโ€™s urgent to work on Adaptability


You've all experienced our world rapidly changing and felt the impact of unpredictable events to which you had to adapt.

Not only will the world continue to change for which you need your Adaptability.

We also need to adapt to the farthest outreach of our potential to come up with solutions this change engenders.

New technological developments will not slow down in the future.

They will continue to develop at break-neck speeds, requiring us to continuously adjust.

40% of employees need to adapt and are to be reskilled.

While our children are being educated for jobs that don’t exist anymore but need to be educated for work that does not even exist yet.

Industries that cease to become profoundly human and don’t embrace tech will cease to exist.

You might get the urgency and understand the necessity as to why we should develop an Adaptable Mindset.

To come up with solutions, to adapt, and imagine the world we want, and to act.

— But maybe you could answer the need for Adaptability better.

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