Why you need an Adaptable Mindset

adaptability theory

You’ve all experienced our world rapidly changing and felt the impact of unpredictable events to which you had to adapt. This need for adaptation does not stop here, as new technologies will continue to develop at break-neck speeds, requiring us to continuously adjust. 

With an Adaptable Mindset, you will be able to find new perspectives, empower creativity, develop better resilience, and quite frankly live a more meaningful life. —Full of possibilities and opportunities. 

For any sort of challenge, you need cognitive flexibility as this is key to creativity, to mix ideas, synthesize with them and to be open to all sorts of possibilities. To get to new ideas that could better solve the challenges we face.

Adaptability is also associated with higher resilience to negative events, as well as better quality of life. The opposite of Adaptability is rigidity which in this world means a shortcut to oblivion and unhappy life.  

An Adaptable Mindset empowers you to adapt behavior to achieve your goals.

Adapt your mind to stay sane in a distracted world.

Change perspective and adjust to what is needed.

All of this should be achieved in a fun way that fits with you, and your team, based on your intrinsic motivation, the goals you have, and our collective goals. 

Because you want to live a life being awake and ready, solving the things that matter. 

How to develop your own Adaptable Mindset

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