NFT’s not a .jpg, but a revolution

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You must’ve seen the rapid rise of NFTs. Its growth resulted in the sales of eleven billion dollars in the third quarter of this year. Many people are beginning to get a first understanding of what NFTs might be. 

However, most people overlook that they hold the key to a new way of working together. NFT’s are works of art and collectibles, they are property rights, and they are programmable, but by buying a digital artwork or a cat avatar you also roll into a new style of community. 

Your NFT gives you access to a community where your purchase also gives you the key to voting rights so that you can participate in decision-making for the direction of the project. Since you are a part of the whole, your role changes from consumer to owner and team member. In this new paradigm, wonderful forms of cooperation and creativity emerge.

People build on each other's art and code or think along about the strategy of the project. I’ve seen it happen that one person designs a website, someone makes animations and another person writes a new smart contract. All people who didn't know each other a few days ago. 

NFTs enable us to build teams and companies where ownership is shared among users and builders, facilitated by tokens such as NFTs. 

More ownership and autonomy for teams and businesses are beneficial for everyone. We see successful companies such as Buurtzorg, Valve, and Haier flourishing because people have ownership. The autonomy of the people makes the organizations more flexible and anti-fragile.

We’ve also seen the advance of Scrum for years, in which employees come up with their own solutions for their set goals. Here, too, more autonomy, speed, and flexibility are created. 

It is logical that further evolution in how we do business and how we work together will bring us even more ownership. We need it, our world is becoming more and more complex, changing faster and faster. You need more flexibility and the active commitment and knowledge of everyone to be able to move with a constantly changing market. While the global commitment to work is steadily plummeting to as low as 20%. Ownership and ‘being able to contribute to’ changes this dynamic. In this new form, the collective also determines the direction.

This development of decentralized organizations also coincides very interestingly with a world in which many people suddenly work from home and being on-site is no longer a requirement. 

In my opinion, NFTs are a gateway to decentralized autonomous organizations, and they provide new forms of cooperation, new forms of reward, new forms of fundraising, more autonomy, and ownership. The evolution will go faster than you think because the tech is composable, it builds further on top of prior ideas and technology – one of the advantages of open source.

How beautiful it is that anyone who wants to can now pick up the key to new ways of working together.


Originally published in EMERCE 

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