The need to Adapt in a world driven by Technology

Technological developments impact people their jobs, the viability of companies, and even the viability of entire industries.  

An IBM study predicts that machines will take over the jobs currently done by 120 million employees in the world’s 12 largest economies by 2023. Many people will face redundancy if they’re not adaptable and able to reskill.

If you are thinking ‘this won’t influence my job’, you are probably wrong.

According to the World Economic Forum, 40% of workers require reskilling of six months or less and 94% of business leaders report that they expect employees to pick up new skills on the job. This is quite interesting with a global average employee engagement which resides at 20%.

Do people really care to reskill to do another job where they are just a gear in a machine? I doubt it, but there are solutions.

At the Adaptable Mindset program, we come from both corporate and startup innovation and worked with many Fortune 500 companies, with a proven track record. We’ve seen what happens if you don’t pay attention when there are so many technological developments that upset entire industries.

Let’s find out how technology will impact almost everything and what can you do to Adapt.

Don’t think this won’t influence your job and company

Always be open to the possibility of change.

I still remember big cable execs telling me 10 years ago that cable cutting (people moving away from cable) would never happen so drastically. See where we are at now, the market has shifted.

Or take lawyers who thought their prestigious job would stay the same.

Here are  few other examples:

Everyone will have a copy assistant in the form of an A.I. empowered by GPT3.

Looking for a video editor? With descript, you can edit your videos just like you edit the text in word. Speed up production, cut-out the editor. It can also re-create your voice, great if you need to dub anything.