The origin story and who?

Robert Overweg was fed up with the large skills gap between what skills are necessary in life and what skills people were actually taught. He wanted to change that many people are unhappy in both their private and work life. Stuck in positions they don’t belong. Making both the people unhappy and companies not innovative. He discovered that having an Adaptable mindset in thinking and acting makes you happier and more resilient. This Adaptable mindset enables us to evolve with disruptions, see them coming and see them as opportunities.

Robert Overweg got his experience from being an artist, by giving lectures, teaching at different universities, by dwelling in virtual worlds and by being creative director at the 160 people tech company Triple. Where he has helped companies transform, increased customer satisfaction and revenue. For the likes of Vodafone, Heineken, E-bay and Liberty global.

He is a sought out international speaker and has spoken at: MIT, SXSW and the European Commission. Where he often talks about how to positively use technology. He also writes for The Next Web, about new technologies and how to best deal with them.

Robert is also an artist and started taking photographs in computer games back in 2007. Back then a lot of people thought this was silly, some still do. With this work he has exhibited all around the world. After a few years this culminated in exhibitions at The Centre Pompidou and the media biennial in Seoul.

It’s quite simple, Robert likes to help people and companies through his art, lectures, creative work and by giving a new kind of education.


You can’t do the difficult and interesting journeys in life alone. — well you can, but it’s less fun. Robert collaborates with experts from the field with actual practical experience. 

Peter Vermeieren is a guest of part  3 of the course. He knows it all, from meditation to holotropic breathing. A mind hacker and mind explorer, ever since his youth. As an entrepreneur in digital health he brings scientific research to the market, he is also president of Compassion for Care through which he teaches about compassion and mindfulness in Healthcare. He is a teacher of meditation and holotropic breathing to groups of enthusiasts or groups at corporates, he brings over 20 years of experience to the table.

Ruben Jongkind is a guest in a special interview. He is the former Head of talent development at Ajax and current Head of Montessori Football. In his role as head of talent development at Ajax he wrote together with Johan Cruyff and Wim Jonk the manifesto for the velvet revolution. A philosophy that revolutionized the Ajax youth academy.

His main focus was always to create the right learning environments for people to help them become adaptable and independent. What this revolution at Ajax brought, is widely known. According to Jongkind, Cruyff and Jonk in a football academy, it should (always) be about individual talent development. 

These learnings Ruben wanted to scale and he also wanted to help the not extremely athletically gifted. He partnered up with Montessori, together they are now bringing individual talent development in both sports and education to over 2000 children in Australia, South America and China, and more is on the way.