How to create an adaptive organization

In this online program you will learn how to create a place where people have an open mind, where they care, are aligned with their goals and want to learn on their own. With more autonomy, to create a more adaptive organisation that can act and react when it is needed.

For HR, L&D, Heads of product, Heads of Digital, and C-Level.

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Create the right environment

Create environments in teams and organisations where continuous learning and innovation flourishes.

Did you know that even people who have a low 'natural' tendency for curiosity can become more curious if placed in a supportive environment.

Based on new psychological frameworks and practical cases from the wild.


Clarity of mind

Give people the tools to take care of mind and body to reduce stress and increase cognitive flexibility. 

Open up people to new ideas

Openness to new ideas is not a given. Learn how to cultivate open and flexible minds.

Quick prototyping

The latest methods and processes to validate ideas and put them into reality, fast. Empower more creators.

The importance of mindset

Fixed mind-sets are the biggest block to successful transformations.

The key lies in making the shift both in the individual and institutional level—at the same time. 

Companies that addressed mind-set were four times more likely to have their change succeed.


What most organizations typically overlook is the internal shift — what people think and feel — which has to occur in order to bring the strategy to life. This is where resistance tends to arise — cognitively in the form of fixed beliefs, deeply held assumptions and blind spots; and emotionally, in the form of the fear and insecurity that change engenders. All of this rolls up into our mindset, which reflects how we see the world, what we believe and how that makes us feel.


Work on openness of the mind.

In this program we give you the tools to cultivate openness of the mind in teams and organisations. 

Empower people to interpret reality in a new way to find new solutions and perspectives.

Learn how to make continuous learning part of your culture.

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Create freedom of mind by getting rid of the following blockers

Reframe failure into learning

Many people and teams have a fear of failure. This often holds back people from doing what they love and has teams repeat the same issue over and over. 

Change how you view failure. Take a different perspective. Learn how to make your failures smaller, so they are less of an issue and many more practical methods.

Filter the noise

For your people to perform, it's good to have ways to deal with the constant flow of information. When it comes to news, communication at work, push messages, social media. —It can feel overwhelming.

Create clarity of mind and space to think through practical methods.


Reduce stress

Stress can reduce the thinking brain by 80%.

If people are in control of how they react to things, they can develop more empathy, make better decisions, they can lead a richer fuller life. Learn about ways to reduce stress and openness to new ideas. 


Learn to validate and prototype, fast

Stop talking, start validating and put ideas into the world. Learn about the next new wave in development and processes. 

If legacy IT is holding you back, this is a great way to sidestep it.

Learn, validate, and productise. ideas within 3 weeks.

Practical case studies on how companies become adaptable


The following companies create space and let their people shine.

How do these companies succeed in doing so? Let’s look at a few case studies.

Where is your organisation at when it comes to the Adaptability Quotient?

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Learn how to create an Adaptive organisation. 

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About your host, Robert Overweg

Robert Overweg has over a decade of experience with tech, people, and innovation.

He has helped more traditional companies like Vodafone, Liberty Global, Ebay, and Heineken to become more innovative and adaptable.

Robert also helped found a few startups like Beyond Sports and MMGA.

As an artist he exhibited all across the world from the Centre pompidou to the media biennial in Seoul.

Robert also teaches at innovative schools like Codam, Techgrounds and Synthesis. Where they try to reinvent education.

He also gives lectures at MIT, SXSW, The European Commission and many other places.